Class Schedule (January 2024)

This set of four January sessions was originally designed to build on the seven R bootcamp sessions in August.. Unfortunately, attendance at those sessions was significantly lighter than intended — all PhD students and a few Master’s students attended those sessions (in person or on zoom), but I know there were quite a few Master’s students who were unable to attend for various reasons.

Class Overview

Because we only have four sessions available, and I would like these sessions to be a useful refresher for those who did not have a great deal of experience with R prior to August, the plan for these sessions will be as follows:

If you did not attend the August sessions

  • You will be asked to complete a handful of introductory readings and exercises prior to the first session on January 5th. Those are detailed below. - You may complete these readings and exercises on your own schedule, and help will be available in a slack group to which you will be invited. However, I will ask that you submit your completed exercises to ensure everyone is making progress prior to January 5th.

  • Attendance will be expected at all four of the sessions being offered, in person or on zoom. As a reminder, these workshops are mandatory if you wish to enroll in POLSCI 630.

  • If you feel you have extremely strong R skills, please email me at with information about your past experience with R (especially base R, rather than tidyverse tools) and some R code you think demonstrates your expertise with base R.

If you DID attend the August sessions

  • You are welcome to attend any of the sessions being offered.

  • You are required to attend the sessions on January 8th (in person or on zoom).

Session 0: Materials to do Before January 5th if you weren’t present in August

Basics of R


Intro to Vectors


Intro to Matrices and Lists


Jan 5th and 8th Sessions

All Sessions will be in person in Gross Hall, Second Floor, 270, and on zoom at

Session 1: DataFrames

Friday, January 5th 2024, 10-11:30

Do Before Class

In Class

Session 2: Loops and Functions

Friday, January 5th 2024, 2-3:30

Do Before Class

In Class:

In Class

Session 3: Loops & Bootstrapping

Monday, January 8th 2024, 10-11:30

Read Before Class:

In Class

Session 4: R Markdown

Monday, January 8th 2024, 2-3:30

Read Before Class:

In Class